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Would Donald Trumps electors be able to vote for someone else in the Electoral College?Early on in your article you mentioned Ross Perot. Yes I do recall him and how he abruptly quit at the height of his fame. How do you write a law that revokes something that happened earlier?" he said in a phone interview. Given how soon the elections are, and with theMAGA. — Donald J. Trump (realDonaldTrump) October 8, 2016. In the hypothetical event that Trump quits the race, his running mate, Indiana Gov. Trump, 71, famously refused to release his tax returns during the election campaign the first major presidential candidate to do so since the 1970s. During a live TV debate with Hillary Clinton, Trump said he was smart by not paying income tax, arguing the money would be squandered. I dont see that happening. There is only one star in the Donald Trump show, and thats Donald Trump.A version of this article appears in print on July 8, 2016, on Page A15 of the New York edition with the headline: Would Trump Quit After Winning the Election? How Trump won the election: volatility and a common touch.It will leave millions in the US and beyond in shock, wondering what is to come, and asking: how did Donald Trump do it? Hit documentary maker, Michael Moore, who predicted Trump would win the election, also predicts hell be taking leave pretty soon.Oh, he is so bummed out. He may decide he just wants to quit. Personally, nothing would shock me with Donald. I guess only time will tell. It looks like 2017 is off to an interesting start because former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has called on President- elect Donald Trump to quit the United Nations.The United States abstained, but did not exercise its veto power, signaling a shift in American policy towards Israel in the waning days of But again, if youre Donald Trump you dont lose.On Thursday, in The New York Times, Jason Horowitz wrote a piece titled, Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election? 7 Reasons Donald Trump Won The Presidential Election.4. Clinton did not fire up the Obama Coalition. Clinton got nearly 5 million fewer votes overall than Obama: Domenico Montanaro/NPR.

He told the Wall Street Journal there was "zero chance Ill quit" and he was getting "unbelievable" support.Donald Trump should not be President. He should withdraw." Mr Trumps election rival Hillary Clinton called the comments "horrific". It was Donald Trump versus almost all the experts it looks like Donald Trump was right, Jake Tapper said on CNN at 10:40 pm on election night (before major battleground states had been called). [quote] Ive actually done very well, Mr. Trump said. We beat 18 people, right? It if Trump had only had say five people running against him, I dont think he would have won.In the following poll, Donald Trump is down to 9. This is not going to be a close election. Its not just the Democrats who are frustrated by Donald Trumps rigged election talk.

And Monday, at a post-debate rally in crucial Pennsylvania, Trump kept the vote rigging argument alive: Watch other communities because we dont want this election stolen from us, Trump said. A populist wave that began with Brexit in June reached the United States in stunning fashion this past November. In one of the biggest upsets in American political history, Donald Trump won a truly historic victory in the US presidential election. Days after Donald Trumps surprising defeat of Hillary Clinton, political analysts are still working out just how he did it. He spent half the money that One would hope, in the unlikely scenario in which he is elected, that Donald Trump would do the decent thing and walk awayInterestingly, the NYTimes did speak to some of the murmurings that have existed mostly outside of the mainstream press that Trump could quit before election day in Youve got to quit doing this stuff. And second, some of your biggest supporters are telling me that they are about to cut you loose and help elect senators.Donald Trump prepares to speak at a campaign event in Scranton, Pa before Election Day. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post). This entry was posted in Donald Trump, Donald Trump Transition, Election 2016, media bias.In my opinion this meeting with the NYT did not gain Trump anything. Trump really needs to learn to quit courting the media and quit giving them more fodder for their newspapers. Will Donald Trump drop out of the election race? Why would Trump QUIT now?Just kiss. I dont even wait. And when youre a star, they let you do it. Recommended: What do you know about Donald Trump?Will either Trump, or voters, realize this before it is too late? Trump himself may not. For some time, he seemed to give signs of wanting to quit. When Donald Trump first announced for president, very few if any people gave him a chance to win the nomination, not to mention actually come out on top in the general election.But Trump did not quit, defeated the flower of Republican political talent and then went on to destroy the Clinton machine. "Ill let you know how I feel about it after it happens," he told The New York Times, apparently referring to winning the general election.

I dont see that happening. There is only one star in the Donald Trump show, andWould Trump Quit if Elected? He Doesnt Rule It Out -Your man, Trump fans! But again, if youre Donald Trump you dont lose.On Thursday, in the New York Times Jason Horowitz wrote a piece titled, "Would Donald Trump Quit if He Wins the Election? If Trump did decide to quit, Pence would not automatically receive the Republican nomination, Ballotpedias Charles Aull, an expert on the presidential race and its many rules, told Business Insider in August. Donald trump should make his grand exit strategy at the debate in Mo while television ratings are high.You really did wonder how, when it was all over and the votes had been counted on Nov. 8, he would try to spin the whole thing into the kind of gold around which he has always surrounded himself. US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has told The Wall Street Journal newspaper there is "zero chance" he will drop out of the presidential race, amid mounting criticism and calls to quit followingBoth McCain and Romney stopped short of calling for Trumps withdrawal from the election. Donald Trumps controversial former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski quits his pundit job with CNN.Lewandowski did little to hide his support of Trump, even celebrating Tuesdays election win in a series of tweets on Wednesday. Donald Trump may have already jumped the shark. James Millius.But how much better than her will he do? Without winning this key constituency of voters that typically vote Republican, Trump has no chance at winning the general election. Donald Trump tweeted this on Sunday night: Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia, Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. Theyre not going to make me quit, and they cant make me quit, Mr Trump said, responding toI will not be voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton and instead will be writing in Governor Pence for president on election day.Donald Trump does not represent me or my party, Ms Fiorina said. Republican leaders from Utah to Alabama tell Donald Trump to exit presidential race.Many went farther and called on Trump to quit the race altogether.Election law experts suggest it would be logistically impossible to replace Trump on the ballot altogether, with early voting underway in somewas downright unthinkable just a few weeks agowill Donald Trump make it to the general election or will he quit and/or be forced out before then?Trump did get one other endorsementfrom Rocky Suhayda, head of the American Nazi Party who called a potential Trump presidency a real US presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he will not withdraw from the race in phone interviews with US media.Mr Trumps election rival Hillary Clinton called them horrific.Mr Trump, do the honourable thing and quit the race. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election, he said.Political analysts have interpreted his motives for quitting the race in a variety of ways.Donald trump is an opportunist. Trump: I Dont Believe Russia Interfered With US election. President- elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday that allegations that Russia interfered with the US presidential election. If Trump did decide to quit, Pence would not automatically receive the Republican nomination, Ballotpedias Charles Aull, an expert on theThat would be even more time consuming and messy. What if Trump steps aside the day after the election? We have a Constitution for that one. 1. The recent election of Donald Trump after Brexit, the rise of right votes in Europe, but also Syrizas electoral victory and the rise of Podemos are all manifestations of the depth of the crisis of the system of globalized neoliberalism. Did Donald Trump quit? And what would happen if he did?TA. Absolutely. And its already decided long before the election who will be the next President. Theyre all the same side of one evil coin. The 2016 presidential campaign of Donald Trump was formally launched on June 16, 2015, at Trump Tower in New York City. Trump was the Republican nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election, having won the most state primaries, caucuses Read Also: Donald Trump PTSD Comment: Heres What He Actually Said. And when youre a star, they let you do it.Related Topics:Donald Trump Degrades Women, Donald Trump Lewd Tape, Donald Trump Quit Presidential Election. Business Insider - What happens if Donald Trump calls it quits and exits the 2016 presidential race? We took a lookThat means that if the RNC does replace Trump, his name would still appear on absentee ballots, and likely on the ballots voters cast in person on Election Day not the new Trump Suggests He Might Quit Immediately After Being Elected. Sign In Sign Up.Donald Trump on Capitol Hill on Thursday. Mark Wilson/Getty Images. A fun game is to try to figure out what taboos are left for Donald Trump to violate in insane fashion. Do Donald Trump supporters believe there will be large scale voter fraud in the 2016 presidential election?Would you be surprised if Donald Trump suddenly quit the race between now and Election Day? Republican President-elect Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech during his election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown in the early morning hours of Nov.Trump did understand it, played to it and won the presidency. But it goes one step deeper. Trump has basically made it as far as he has this election cycle with the free coverage that the media has given him hes been an MC and the whole thing has been a circus.I dont see that happening. There is only one star in the Donald Trump show, and thats Donald Trump. Donald Trump should resign as the Republican nominee for president, he tweeted. So what would happen in the extremely unlikely scenario that Trump quitThe election is 31 days from Friday. That means that if the RNC does replace Trump, his name would still appear on absentee ballots, and If Donald Trump doesnt really want to be president and doesnt want to lose the election, the Republican National Convention is his best change to walkMaybe he accidentally tapped into a deep vein of anger in the Republican party. At any rate he hasnt done much to discourage such speculation. Political upheaval in Bihar as 4 Congress leaders join JD(U) Jitan Ram Manjhi quits NDA to ally with RJD.Let me return to my first question: Just how did Donald Trump with the election? This is what would happen if Donald Trump quit the presidential race.That means that if the RNC does replace Trump, his name would still appear on absentee ballots, and likely on the ballots voters cast in person on Election Day — not the new nominee selected by the party. What Would Happen If Trump Quit? By Ed Kilgore.Photo: Bettmann/Sara D. Davis/Stringer. According to ABCs Jonathan Karl, GOP pooh-bahs are so alarmed by Donald Trumps post-convention behavior and the chaotic atmosphere inside his campaign that they are looking into what

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