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Definitions of repetitive: adjective: persistently continual. adjective: marked by tedious repetition.See repetitive used in context: 8 poetry verses, 8 definitions. Repetitive definition, pertaining to or characterized by repetition.repetitively, adverb. repetitiveness, noun. Repetition is the simple repeating of a word, within a sentence or a poetical line, with no particular placement of the words, in order to secure emphasis. This is such a common literary device that it is almost never even noted as a figure of speech. Definition Examples. When How to Use Repetition. Quiz. I. What is Repetition? Quite simply, repetition is the repeating of a word or phrase. Synonyms for repetitive at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.see definition of repetitive. repetitive definition in online english dictionary. how to define repetitive in english language.Define repetitive. (adjective) Given to or characterized by repetition. Define repetitive: repetitious containing repetition — repetitive in a sentence.Repetitive definition, pertaining to or characterized by repetition. Repetitive as "characterized by repetition". Under this definition, repetitive is an adjective and has the following properties Definition. Repetition is an instance of using a word, phrase, or clause more than once in a short passage--dwelling on a point.

Why Is the Bible So Repetitive? — repetitively. adverb.

— repetitiveness.Definition of repetitive for English Language Learners. : happening again and again : repeated many times. Definition of Repetitive. From: Internet Comment Copy link June 12. [Summary]I found great synonyms for " repetitive" on the new! definition : repetitive. Repetition may refer to: Repetition (rhetorical device) Repetition (music), the use of repetition in musical compositions Rote learning If you get bored running on a treadmill daily, you might try something less repetitive, like playing soccer outdoors.adj characterized by repetition. repetitive movement. The repetitive lessons are very effective in helping the preschool students learn the alphabet. definitions - REPETITIVE. report a problem.2.repetitive and persistent"the bluejays insistent cry". 3.characterized by repetition"repetitive movement". English definition English synonyms English-Spanish English-French English-Italian Spanish-English French-Englishcharacterized by or given to unnecessary repetition boring: dull, repetitive work. Find a translation for the REPETITIVE definition in other languages: Select another language Repetitive definition: Something that is repetitive involves actions or elements that are repeated many times |repetitiveness (repetitiveness). Repetitive - Definition of Repetitive and synonyms of Repetitive are presented by online Websters Dictionary.Definition of Repetitive. Repetitive Pronunciation: r?-p?t?-t?v. lightgrey lightgrey. Definition. lightred grey.Repetitive definition. red grey. Choose languages of interest. translation and definition "repetitive", Dictionary English-English online.[adjective] Happening many times in a similar way containing repetition repeating. ability is realized through repetitive sections of code. three different forms of Visual Basic repetition structures: DoDefinition An operational definition is as follows: Cumulative Trauma Disorders characterized by repetition, recurrent, repetitious, repeating.Repetitive Definition from Language, Idioms Slang Dictionaries Glossaries. How to define the word repetitive? The definition of repetitive in Dictionary is as: Happening many times in a similar way containing repetition repeating. Definitions of repetitive word. adjective repetitive pertaining to or characterized by repetition.adjective repetitive Repetitive movements or sounds are repeated many times. Define repetitive at dictionary definition of by merriam websterrepetitive meaning in the cambridge english. Medical definition of repetitive dna Definition of the English word repetitive, American and British pronunciation, transcription, examples. Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word Repetitive.Definition of Repetitive. Repetitive Repetitive Repet"itive (r?-p?t"?-t?v), a. Containing repetition repeating. Definition of repetitive - containing or characterized by repetition, especially when unnecessary or tiresome. Define Repetitive.Standard Definition. [adj] persistently continual "the bluejays insistent cry" [adj] marked by tedious repetition. Medical definition of repetitive dna medicinenet.Happening many times in a similar way containing repetition repeating repetitive pronunciation. Definition, Translation and Meaning of "Repetitive" for learners of English.repetitive [repetitive repetitively repetitiveness] BrE [rpettv]. Definition of Repetition. Repetition is a literary device that repeats the same words or phrases a few times to make an idea clearer and more memorable. Definition of "repetitive" [repetitive]. (adjective) Given to or characterized by repetition. Use "repetitive" in a sentence. Translation Definition. English English - repetitive. adj.

characterized by repetition, recurrent, repetitious, repeating adj. repetitiveприл. скучный, без конца повторяющийся. » Examples. Here you find 5 meanings of the word repetitive. You can also add a definition of repetitive yourself.Related: Repetitively repetitiveness. Definition. Repetitive strain injury (RSI) and associative22.09.2017 Define repetitive (adjective) and get synonyms. What is repetitive (adjective)? repetitive (adjective) meaning, pronunciation Learners definition of REPETITIVE. 1. : happening again and again : repeated many times.— repetitiveness. noun [noncount]. repetitive: Given to or characterized by repetition.Definitions. from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition. Define repetitive. repetitive synonyms, repetitive pronunciation, repetitive translation, English dictionary definition of repetitive. adj. Given to or characterized by repetition. repetitively adv From Latin repetitus, with the suffix -ive. repetitive (comparative more repetitive, superlative most repetitive). Happening many times in a similar way containing repetition repeating. repeat. repetition. repetitive. inflected form of repetitiv. repetitive meaning, definition, English dictionary, synonym, see also repetitive strain injury,repetition,repetitious,respective, Reverso dictionary, English simple definition Definition of Repetitive. 1. Adjective. Happening many times in a similar way containing repetition repeating. . Source: Repetitive Definition. Adjective: repetitive ripe-ti-tiv. Characterized by repetition "repetitive movement" - repetitious. DEFINITION: Repetitive sentence structure occurs when multiple sentences in the same paragraph are arranged the same. repetitive definition, meaning, what is repetitive: involving doing or saying the same thing several times, especially in a way that is.repetitively. repetitive definition. adj. see repet-tive thats right, just keep on clicking. eventually you will realize what repet-tive is. over and over and over and over and over and over a. Repetitive definition. adj 1: repetitive and persistent "the bluejays insistent cry" [syn: insistent, repetitive] 2: characterized by repetition "repetitive movement" [syn: repetitive, repetitious] [ant dictionary Definition / Define. Repetitive. Repetitive Adjective. Happening many times in a similar way containing repetition repeating. Definition of Repetition. Repetition consists of repeating a word, phrase, or sentence, and is common in both poetry and prose.

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