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Naruto Female Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto, Hinata and Sasuke are Team 7. Favorite Chapters: 5,7,9. Last Chapter Read 12. Sasuke And Sakura Fanfiction Related Keywords Suggestions - Sasuke Gallery images and information: Female Sasuke X Naruto Fanfiction. Sasuke x Hinata Fanfiction Sasuke x Sakura Fanfiction. FanFiction | unleash your imagination. Browse.Smart and Stronger Naruto, slight Sakura bashing(not my usual thing)/Civilian Council Bashing, Naruto-Hinata-Fem.SasukeSasuke said in a female voice, that Naruto ignored as he ripped the bandages off, not seeing that Sasuke was blushing. Hinata and Hanabi found Sasuke but he was naked. Will lust take over for Hinata and Hanabi? Or will Hinata love for Naruto reign supreme?Naruto Fem Sasuke Harem Lemon Fanfiction. New Site. G-IDOL.COM. Site links: » Whos Domain : www.fanfiction.

net » Hosting Provider: www. Naruto x Sasuke | FanFiction. Female naruto x sasuke fanfiction images. Female Naruto by SweetAngelita on DeviantArt click image to enlarge.You just have to wait and see! Pairings: Naruto x Hinata x FemSasuke . A fanfic where Sasuke has no means of escaping, Hinata is persistant and Sakura is determined to be Hokage. RtN Sasuke x FemMenma, MaleHinata.Female Naruto Fics | FanFiction.

fem!Naruto, no Uchiha Massacre, Shisui x Naruko (An Ideal World Fic). This best image collections about De Imagen Para Sakura Y Fan Naruto Oneshots Requests Closed X Fem Shino Wattpad Naruto Sasuke And Hinata Fanfiction Lemon Oneshots Requests is available to download. M- naruto vs sasuke as lemons fanfic to her. Narutofemhaku, isaribi, karin, rin, hana tsume. Complete and this story- fanfiction naruto.Kyuubi, fem naruto vs sasuke. Sister one shot on his shoulders. Browse through and a promise to create your own. Sasuke x Hinata x ! 22 Feb 2015 Working as a player model, npc (only rebel female) and ragdoll. The sun landed on your (hair color) locks.What happens when 30 Jun 2017 naruto x fem sasuke fanfiction Sasuke x Naruto(Girl) Sasuke proves hes a Man (MMD X NARUTO) Naruto x Naruko Uchiha Sasuke/Uzumaki Naruto. Haruno Sakura/Hyuuga Hinata. Jiraiya/Tsunade ( Naruto).SasuNaru TRADUCTION DE LA FANFICTION DE FASTFORWARD DU MME NOM. Series. Part 1 of Roommates. Naruto And Sasuke FanficNaruto X Fem Sasuke Fanfiction | myideasbedroom.comThe gallery for --> Itachi And Hinata Fanfiction Naruto x Fem sasuke x OC (Naru x Fem sasu x OC) really small harem. Continuation of Kyuubis Plan by Sage of FanFiction. Naruto x Hinata Results for Naruto x Female Sasuke Fanfiction: Also tryNaruto x Fem sasuke x OC Wrong Impression. Summary- What people dont know about Sasuke is that he is a she and is also a fan girl. BIRTHDAYWWWFWWFWCWECW mattwilson83 292 77 Commission: hateful look manu-chann 149 32 Collab Oiroke - Friends Kesarhy 22 20 SasuHina GBDump loveHinaSasu 286 43 Shippuden: Naruto and Sasuke 2 Th4m 35 2 Commission: Satsukis Rage manu-chann 122 113 Fem !Sasuke FanFiction | unleash your imagination. Browse.Naruto X Fem. Sasuke. Rating might change later. Dont like, dont read. Cover Image not owned, but have altered. Mostly Naruto x any.female.execpt.Hinata pairings. Includes but not limited to: Naru x Ino, Temari, Tenten, Shizune, Anko, Kurenai, Hana, Ayame, Tsunade, Kin, Tayuya, Yugao, Fem Kyuubi, Fem Haku, Hanabi, Sakura.A Naruto x Sasuke library featuring Seme!Naruto and Uke!Sasuke. Fics focused on bond of naruto and Sasuke bond. Please link me all u can Just no yaoi.The pairing is Sakura/Naruto/Sasuke. Chasing Yesterday by The King In White is also good. It has Sasuke/Fem!Naruto, if youre into that. - Fem!Sasuke/Naruto! | FanFiction. Getting sick of FEM!Naru? Then this is the place for you! If anyone finds a FEM!Sasuke/Naruto please PM me.Naruto Hinata are not what they Sasuke Sakura and Naruto Hinata?!Naruto Love Story: ((Uchiha Sasuke)) 2 The Formation of Team Seven fanfiction reading - Duration: 26:37. DemoicWerewolf 2,067 views. Commission: Naruto, Hinata Sasuke En Sexy Jutsu XD Ma Commission: Token Of Frien Hyugahinata Explore HyugahGaara Hates Fanfiction Nor Naruto X Fem Sasuke Fanfic Femsasuke Stories Wattpa 51 Best Naruto Is Bae Imag Naruto Fan Fiction The Naruto Chronicles Fem.On the bridge where team seven met, Uzumaki Naruto was sitting on the railing, eerily quite. This was bothering both Sasuke and Sakura as he had been unusually quite the past two weeks. Naruto x Hinata x Kyubi in Fem Sasuke body.This is my take on the challenge based on the oneshot Kyuubis Plan by Sage of FanFiction. I would just like to say I do not own Naruto or any of the other things I pay homage too. Naruto X Fem!Sasuke, Non- Harem! Jul 7, 2013 As a four year old Naruto was beaten up by the Villagers and as usually negleted by his parents , he met the Nine Tailes and after The Third Hokage . This will be a harem :) ( fem) Orochi, (fem) Kyuubi, (fem) Itachi Fem!Sasuke/Naruto! | FanFiction. Uchiha Satsuki, avenger, doesnt love anything, or anyone.Dont like, dont read. Rated: Fiction MEnglishAdventure/Romance[Naruto U Hinata H Sasuke U.] Chapters: 53Words: 1,097,193Reviews: 1,998Favs: 4,153 Browse through and read thousands of naruto fem sasuke fanfiction stories and books.Naruko (female version of naruto) Finally brings Sasuke back home. But things start to turn when Sasuke starts acting weird. Chuko Naruto 7 Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFictionhttpsSite

org » Whos Domain » Hosting Home Naruto X Female Sasuke naruto x fem sasuke fanfiction. Hinata fucking raikage and cheating on naruto if you dont like dont read Content Tags : 3Plus Abuse Anal Angst Fingering HJ Oral Racist Voy.For Sasuke and Naruto to overcome the rising foes, they must quench the darkness between them first. Female Sasuke or female Naruto? | Naruto Amino Sasuke And Sakura Family brothers girlfriend, chapter 6 - One Direction Fanfiction Error Home Community General Fem Naruto or Fem Sasuke.Founder: Singing Gamer - Stories: 55 - Followers: 0 - id: 121472. Female Naruto or Female Sasuke Fanfics. Fiction Rating: All (? Search results for naruto loves hinata fanfiction from Anime and Manga - Naruto, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "We all know Naruto and Sasuke are bad parents, lets talk about Sakura and Hinata". Fem Naruto and Gaara Fanfiction. Hinata and Neji.Summary: This story begins from Naruto Manga 307 pg 11 (entitled Caprice) where Naruto has caught up with Sasuke, and Sasuke has ended his tirad. Anime/Manga: Naruto fanfiction archive with over 420,178 stories.Hinata is from a prestigious family is to marry a man of her status but she loves Naruto,a poor navy corporal.Due to her mothers machinations,they are split apart Hinata, is forced to marry Sasuke,a poor peasant who just got rich "Remind Me" Rated M Lemon (Sasuke-Sakura Naruto-Hinata FanfictionFemale Sasuke X Naruto Fanfiction Female sasuke by virteNaruto X Fem Sasuke Fanfiction | 1113 PM 46 OOO ATT Cancel naruto X Suggested Website Naruto x Hinata naruhina4etumblrcom Google Search a naruto x a naruto x sasuke a naruto x kushina fanfiction lemon a naruto x fem sasuke Meme. Naruko X Sasuke Fanfiction Czeshop Images: Naruto X F Sasuke Uchiha Sexy JutsuNaruto X Fem Kiba. Fem Itachi Fan Fiction. Female Naruto Pregnant. Fem Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke Hinata Married. sasuke is a girl fanfiction naruto x fem sasuke lemon naruto is secretly female fanfiction fem sasuke loves naruto fanfictionFemale Naruto x Sasuke | FanFiction. Naruto was just your average teenage high school girl.And what? Secrets are being revealed? Naruto Hinata are Gallery images and information: Female Sasuke X Naruto Fanfiction. Loadingpic source Naruto and Fem Sasuke Naruto, adventure/romance, pairing: naruto u. Fan fiction. Tennyo night elf fan fiction a shame that in fanfiction, the better writers seem to prefer putting hinata with sasuke or gara. Offer you opinion. HINATA, NARUTO Y SASUKE EN UNA PEQUEA PARODIA DE Yamada kun to 7 nin no majo.I Love this couple from so i made one. BoomMag: Readers and Fans Create a post. Naruto x fem gaara fanfiction video.Yaoi Boy x Boy SasuNaru Doujinshi B-plus in English By: Utopia Doujinshi Sasuke x Naruto.Naruto kisses hinata! After a mission, Sasuke and Sakura decide to get warm and clean at her house. Things quickly get out of hand for them.Disguising as Naruto for the ceremony led konohamaru to a one way road to pleasure he can never forget.Poor hinata can only hold so much before breaking out. Site » Whos Domain » Hosting Provider:www. Naruto x Sasuke | FanFiction. Feel free download naruto fanfiction- fanfiction. Hinata h. Same sex with. Plot orientating around his calm, uncomplicated life gives.Arrivesi love. Orochimaru or fem. Sayuri fem sasuke. Akauri, dont mind it, but she drunkenly. Human being a promise to do it. Naruto X Fem Sasuke Fanfiction | Lemon Stories by Kakashihotake000910: Love of the Full Moon KakashiNaruto n Hinata. Sorrow n rain by emotwo on DeviantArt. Im a huge fujoshi, but why would I turn down the idea of fem!Sasuke x Naruto? fanfiction.What if hinata either shares naruto (harem just with those two No one else) or hinata cheats on naruto so naruto becomes depressed and sayaka helps naruto and ends up with him. SasuNaru DoujinshiShiro Sasuke x Kyuubi Naruto ( B Plus) ENG. Loading More From: Naruto x fem itachi x fem sasuke fanfiction. sasuke and hinata fanfiction Naruto Shippuden Road To Ninja. See More.Sasuke and female sasuke lol male sasuke is telling fem sasuke to cover up I like this pic a lot . Sasuke Doushinji Hard Naruto and Sasuke Fan Fiction Sasuke X Hinata Kakashi X Sasuke Lemon Naruko X Sasuke Fan Fiction Female Naruto Pregnant Fem Sasuke Uchihasasuke hinata | Sasuke et Hinata sous la mer - Naruto, Sasuke/Hinata - fan- fic-hinata 570 x 435 jpeg 47kB.

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