how to give hyperlink in codeigniter





I need every row in this column to have a hyperlink when anyone clicks on username then it redirects to edit page, For example, the first row would be a hyperlink to view?id1321755 etc.How to break a compounded list. Codeigniter: How to Pass Data to View. Codeigniter create helper.As you can see only difference between baseurl siteurl is the inclusion of index.php in output. urltitle function outputs slug for given string by eliminating spaces symbols used in string. In this article, we are going to discuss about How to change the URL and Email as Hyperlink in CodeIgniter. We might have seen plain text get converted to hypertext when we type it. Note:- I hope through URL you want to send user to some fruitful link. So change controller/function/uri to corresponding values. Reference:- CodeIgniter - Correct way to link to another page in a view. Let us first see how to load URL helper in codeigniter and then use its function4. hyperlink (anchor tag). 5. Pop-up hyperlink. 6. A mail to hyperlink and safe mail to hyperlink. 7. Linkified string. So I want to apply a CSS class active to hyperlink which is selected I have written jquery code too which is: