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. As you can see the alert will show two character code of color, placed in value. jQuery add option to select example.6 Demos of How to Use HTML select (Dropdown). jQuery set focus | How to set focus to html element using jQuery. This post explains how to dynamically disable and enable selected options from a typical html select input element using jquery. Populate select options with JSON and jQuery. Updated 5 years ago.HTML. select option using jquery not working in IE? Here i am trying to get values based on category selection when i select a category men or women,following select optionI have Html drop down. i want to mark 11:00 pm as selected using jquery in single line how can i do it ? < select nametiming The HTML select element represents a control that presents the collection of the options. The options within the collection are represented by option elements.In this post we will see the various task on the select and option elements using jQuery. HTML select option field is a drop down list of options, user may be allowed to choose one or more option(s) from this list. To get selected option value , we can implement some jQuery codes on select option field. Here we will see how to get Text and value of selected option. we will populateJQuery Get Text and Value of selected dropdown list.