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I had an upstairs neighbor like that once. The problem was both constant furniture dragging and incredibly loud music at all hours.Most of my upstairs neighbors were considerate and made an effort not to be disruptive. Soundproofing a condo or apartment from upstairs neighbors.One of the most common soundproofing questions I hear most is How do I soundproof my condo or apartment from those noisy neighbors who live above? So, my neighbors in the apartment above me have very loud sex. It makes me really uncomfortable and Ive tried drowning it out with music, TV, and a white nThis topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. My Upstairs Neighbors Have Loud Sex My upstairs neighbor walks loudly around, like she stomps her feet hard on the floor everywhere she walks. She is a large woman but I feel it has nothing to do with it as many other large people walk just fine. The stomping is so loud that is shakes glasses on the table. I had this problem with my upstairs neighbor a few weeks ago. I clapped and cheered loudly while banging on the ceiling LOL.Seriously, find a way to politely (im a hypocrite lol) let them know theyre being loud. Dear Upstairs Neighbors, ListenI get it.You want to be loud and have fun. But honestly, the only thing stopping me from going upstairs each night to bang on your door and yell at you for not shutting up after 10 p.m. is pants. Apartment living can be a bit of a drag. Case in point: It is a rainy Friday afternoon and I am stuck listening to my very loud upstairs neighbors going to town on one another. Here are my thoughts as they run through my head. I have a neighbor with a loud squeaky annoying voice she has no low volume and ANY TIME!In my first apartment, my upstairs neighbors used to get around mainly by rolling around in their computer chairs. We recently bought a flat and our upstairs neighbor doesnt play loud music but frequently gets up at 4 or 5 am and has the heaviest gait ever. (Seriously--Im a very, very heavy sleeper, and Im often woken by what I can only imagine is a woman doing lunges upstairs while holding Later that night, our upstairs neighbors had such loud and vigorous, you might say sex that MY bed was shaking. Im pretty sure it was payback for the shoe comment, because I never heard my upstairs neighbors have sex before or after that event.

I cant even hear my upstairs neighbor ever. In a month, never heard her walking around.

Of course, the same neighbors that complain routinely play loud bass heavy music at 7 AM as Im getting ready to go to sleep. Her upstairs neighbor was blasting his stereo again. She had asked him twice already to turn the volume down.Barbara could swear that when she reentered her apartment, the music was louder than when she had walked upstairs. I can hear my upstairs neighbor walking around his room and on many occasions I have heard his phone vibrate with incoming texts.Here is a list of things to help you when your upstairs neighbors are having loud sex I just moved into a new apartment complex and my upstairs neighbor is REALLY loud. She sounds like she is running a marathon in high heel shoes loud, dont even get me started on the volume of the music! Loud upstairs neighbors: Bumping, dropping, rolling stuff I have neighbors above me who are SO LOUD that I dont have a moments peace in my My lease is up in 5 months, but I want them gone or me gone in 30 days. Right away we noticed the people upstairs are incredibly loud.Your neighbors are entitled to quiet enjoyment too - even if their quiet enjoyment involves kids running around and playing, thats NORMAL kid behavior. This letter represents the neighbor on the bottom, whether you are sandwiched in between two noisy people or you just have one person above you that seems to be as loud as a night club at 1 am. This open letter to all upstairs neighbors is for you. be more chill be more chill the musical bmc michael mell doobs hes g ood im love im still doing an all nighter and im fk ing dy ing drawing is the only thing keeping me awake i wanna sleep so badly i still have 6 hours left until i can sleep wt f kill me my upstairs neighbors are so fking loud. Hey ieasha, You do have a big problem! Sounds like they have a WII or Play Station 2. Anyway I would talk to the apartment manager about it, Im sure other people have complained too. It is just part of living in an apartment, but this is too the extreme. Talk to the apartment management see what they say. Answers.com is making the world better one answer at a time. My upstairs neighbor plays loud music every day I live with my wife and our little son in an apartment built for families with children, yet somehow two young guys in their early twenties got one of these apartments. They dont have to be loud, but just loud enough so you dont think the upstairs neighbor is following you around.I was searching for ways to find out how I can tell if my upstairs neighbor is spying/listening to me and this post came up. Real estate. Advice. What can I do about my upstairs neighbors ?Low Need. Upstairs neighbors and their children very loud despite management asking them to be more quiet. I have a neighbor that makes an effort to make deliberately loud noises when its obvious that my family and I are settling down or preparing for sleep.

It is hard to understand how anyone can be up all night and not care for the neighbor underneath but my neighbors upstairs are a bit retarded and If you have an upstairs neighbor, you understand. If you dont, youre either a part of the few lucky ones or you ARE one. Noisy neighbors are a nuisance A: The Noise Act 1996 states that the hours of night are 11pm to 7am so technically loud music from a party should be turned off, or at the very least down at 11pm.If your upstairs neighbour is in breach of the conditions of the lease they can simply be made to take the laminate flooring up again. But, you might get lucky and find that the upstairs neighbor is required to install carpet and has not.How to deal with a noisy neighbor youre on friendly terms with? 2. Neighbors have loud doorstep exchanges in middle of the night. The war between the loud neighbors upstairs and the easily disturbed neighbors downstairs continues. If youve ever had the pleasure of living below another apartment you know how loud simple things like walking across the floor can sound. I have to be at work at 6:30 a.m. every day and get woken up anywhere from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. when my upstairs neighbors get home.I have a neighbor who likes loud engines - he especially likes to rev them loudly when no one else is around to witness him doing it. Selling because upstairs neighbors refuse to fix hardwood floor and leaking balcony. One of the increasingly frequent complaints by apartment, town home and condo dwellers is noise from loud upstairs neighbors in the unit above. Noisy neighbors are a nuisance, and David and Julia are no exception. This is what your upstairs neighbors are really up to.Im an upstairs neighbor, but I can hear my downstairs neighbor very well. Her high heel shoes against the hardwood floor are so loud! My upstairs neighbor is the same.She might not actually being as loud as you think. My downstairs neighbor at my last apartment would pound on the ceiling when my cat would jump on and off the couch to the floor. We ended up calling the police for an upstairs neighbor once, but have otherwise had a fairly peaceful relationship with them, stompers, loud partiers and all. I am also a super duper light sleeper and am bothered by noise. Q The owners who live upstairs are constantly playing loud music, thumping around late at night, dragging chairs across the room, etc. I have complained to the board and the management but have received no response. How can we resolve this issue and get back some peace and quiet in our lives? For the first couple weeks, I heard the upstairs neighbor walking around a lot (an unusual amount), but it was no big deal.They play loud mexican music with loud bass and talk very loudly, but thats not the main problem. I, too, am having trouble with the personal relations from the neighbors upstairs. They were arguing until midnight and apparently made up around 4 am when the very loud squeeking of the bed woke me and my daughter. Searches related to What to do about loud neighbor? calling police on loud neighbors noisy neighbors revenge noisy neighbors upstairs how to deal with noisy upstairs neighbors can you make an anonymous noise complaint can i call the police if my neighbors are too loud nosy I have never heard noise from downstairs neighbors when I had any, but my upstairs neighbors cant keep any secrets from me.cant do everything that they like to do (exercise late at night etc). My neighbor has a parrot that squawks all day- it is way louder than, say, a babys crying would be. 1. What could you possibly be doing up there?4. Do you really think its acceptable to sing "Walking On Sunshine" as loud as you can early in the morning? Heres the other side of the upstairs/downstairs neighbor story. I have a HUGE problem with my downstairs neighbor coming up constantly, complaining to the office constantly and now texting me CONSTANTLY about how "horribly loud" we are all the time and its driving me crazy!! My Lovely Upstairs Neighbor - Duration: 1:16. Brad Parks 1,378 views.Revenge against my loud upstairs neighbors by playing some Metallica riffs on my guitar - Duration: 2:32. Deep 8829 58,278 views. I also have obnoxious, loud neighbors and have called on them once. I hope your situation gets better-people are so rude!We live in an upstairs apartment. Latest: 10/26/2015 by CritterKeeper. The noise is very loud.The upstairs neighbor is perhaps worse: he has a huge dog who he throws a large heavy ball to at all hours of the day and night and the ball bounces loudly and the dog chases it loudly. A few nights ago (Thursday) around 9:50, our upstairs neighbor was being very loud.I just got back from shopping with my girlfriend and this guy gets out of his car and comes up to us saying he is my upstairs neighbor. Loud neighbors that have no consideration towards other people that share the same space and behave like theyre in their own private island dont deserve to liveLoosening the upstairs landings foundation and floorboards to the point of easy collapse might be your best option, OP. by Anonymous. My upstairs neighbor stomps around, plays loud tv, yells, slams doors, dumps trash on my patio, etc. I have tried talking with the neighbor, police and condo association to no avail. I would sell my place but the housing market is so-so. My upstairs neighbor isnt so quiet, he likes to stomp around, etc but I understand it cant always be quiet. No problem. However, this dude has more sex than anyone on earth and whoever he is fucking is loud and sounds like an opera singer. How can I stop my loud neighbors from being so loud? What can one do about their noisy upstairs neighbours?Related Questions. What is a good way to handle a noise upstairs neighbor? What should I do if my neighbors upstairs make too much noise? Ever lived below a REALLY LOUD neighbour? Then this video is just for you. The relationship between upstair and downstair neighbours is rarely all sweetness and light during hallway meetings and post collection What can I do about it? Glamour and other lifestyle mags offer similar tips for dealing with the loud sex neighbor next doorOver at Slate, Dear Prudence recently suggested this step as a last-ditch attempt you can take to mute the feisty guy upstairs before your mother comes into town for the night. I hear absolutely everything my upstairs neighbors do, alas. Including gargling, shaving (electric shaver), stumbling around drunk in heels at 5:30 am every single Saturday, and yes, a coffee grinder. Its not that these things are extra loud

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