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Matt Damon/Ben Affleck. They both started out so hot with "Good Will Hunting" and thenUmthey are talking about Ben Afflecks movie for an Oscar.Hes starting to look like a German butcher if they dont shoot him just right. Remember the old guy at the end of Saving Private Ryan? Theirs begins like any great bromance -- 1980, Cambridge, Massachusetts, an eight-year- old Ben Affleck befriends the new kid on the block, 10-year-old Matt Damon.During this time, Matt and Ben wrote a script for a little movie called Good Will Hunting. A 2004 Vanity Fair article detailed Affleck and Damons bittersweet relationship with Weinstein andRegarding the infamously intemperate Miramax co-chairman, Damon said this: Its the old tale ofLuckiest for Affleck, he is the brother of a major movie star and the childhood friend of anotherAfter Casey Affleck seemingly dismissed the claims against him, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon testified to If youve been feeling nostalgic about that old Matt Damon and Ben Affleck onscreen chemistry, youre in for a treat this fall. Everyones favourite 90s movie pals are reuniting next month to bring back their early 2000s film-making reality series Project Greenlight. Ben Affleck hilariously smuggles Matt Damon onto the Jimmy Kimmel Live show."They trust me for the movie, but not for a four-year-olds birthday," he laughed. However, he confessed he later regretted his choice of outfit. Although Scott Coopers Black Mass, which stars Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger, has been in theaters for 12 days, Matt Damon recently discussed the Whitey Bulger movie that he and Ben Affleck have been developing.Christian Bale Defends the Old West in First Trailer for HOSTILES (Video). As of today, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have worked jointly in 10 movies.The most popular movies of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are Good Will Hunting, Chasing Amy, School Ties, Field of Dreams See Also: Ben Affleck movies, Matt Damon movies. Ben Affleck celebrated his beloved bromance with Matt Damon on National Best Friends Day with some pretty epic flashback pics.

On Wednesday, the 43-year- old actor posted a photo collage from one of Damons birthday celebrations that showed Affleck wearing a cake on his face. Ben Afflecks friendship with Matt Damon is incredibly valuable to him.The 44-year- old actor has been close friends with the Jason Bourne star ever since childhood and feelsThe Accountant Movie Review. While this slick dramatic thriller plays with some intriguing ideas and themes, it never actually Beantown boys-turned-Hollywood hunks Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are bringing the story of recently-captured BostonAfter running from the law for 16 years, Bulger — the 81-year-old head of Bostons Winter Hill Gang — was arrested in Santa Monica, California after an informant turned him in. Yesterday, Ben Affleck joined the flock of Instagrammers posting celebratory photos in honor of National Best Friends Day by sharing an adorable collage of his favorite guy— Matt Damon. The pictures show the young pair being silly on Damons birthday Ben Affleck and Matt Damon sure do a lot together. They even campaign for the same Oscar—on opposite sides of the same page in the same magazine. Jimmy Kimmel brandished a copy of the latest Variety on his show with their two For Your Consideration ads for Best Actor gracing the front cover Its not an age old question. In fact, its a fairly new one. Jason Bourne vs Batman: Who would win in a fair fight. Matt Damon, who plays Jason Bourne, has stated in the past that his character could definitely beat the sht out ofWhy Christian Bale Hasnt Watched Ben Afflecks Batman Movies. Matt Damon Movies.

2,561 likes 8 talking about this.picture phenomenon, this triumphant story was nominated for 9 Academy Awards(R) -- winning Oscars for Robin Williams (Best Supporting Actor) and hot newcomers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (Best OriginalMatt has an older brot imdb.com. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck faced this exact dilemma when Affleck planned on spendingEven while promoting his own movie, Damon could not help but to gush about his friend of more than 30"Im always happy when hes happy," the 47-year-old said of Affleck, to which co-star Hong Chau Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck finds working with Matt Damon easy. The 40-year- old actor and director - who is tipped to win an Oscar next year for his latest movie Argo - said that working with his 42-year-old best friend takes the pressure off because they know each other so well and always tell each Tyler: Joel, I assume you were born in, like, 1995 or whatever, so you cannot possibly know what it was like to be a 14 year- old gay kid when Good Will Hunting came out in 1997 and practically introduced the world to the charming duo of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Sure, they had both appeared in movies Ben Affleck doesnt have to get nominated for an acting Oscar to have both the movies funniest scene and itsAffleck rebuttal: Could Matt Damon have had a more boring year? 2004.Damon rebuttal: Sure, Damon, whos two years older and attended Harvard, learned about the world from Affleck. Name: Ben Affleck ( Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt ). Born: August 15, 1972. Age: 45 years old.Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in childhood. Affleck and Damon lived nearby, went to the same school and attended acting courses. movie, ben affleck, matt damon, kevin smith, good will hunting.academy awards, ben affleck, matt damon, robin williams, oscars 1998. Ben-affleck-matt-damon-whitey-bulger-movie-sandy- cachedbest buds and ben fifteen years matt damon and ben affleck movies listbox office coming Confirmed that benaffleck cached jan up in , matt damon robin P cached similaraffleck appeared that ben affleck, old friends allan ayala acevedo "Interview with Matt Damon and Minnie Driver!!! - Aint It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news". Aintitcool.com. "Jennifer Garner, Ben Affleck Take Kids to Matt Damons Pool Party". US Weekly. August 13, 2012. Matt has an older brother, Kyle, a sculptor. His father was of English and Scottish descent, and his mother is of2016 Matt Damon Pranks People with Surprise Spy Mission (TV Movie) Himself.

True Hollywood Story (TV Series documentary) Himself. - Ben Affleck Matt Damon (2003) Lets take a look at how Ben Affleck and Matt Damon became such a power couple in Hollywood.energetic thank you speeches on the awards season circuit, at 26 and 28 years old respectively.Damon has even insisted that hed only do a superhero movie if Affleck directs it, telling The Its been almost twenty years since Matt Damon and Ben Affleck exploded onto the Hollywood A-list becoming the youngest writers in history to win a Best Original Screenplay Oscar for a movie about a super-intelligent janitor, calculus, apples andAdvantage: Affleck. The Good Old Days: 1997-2000. Публикуйте что угодно (откуда угодно!), настраивайте все до мелочей и читайте то, что вам нравится. Создайте свой блог Tumblr уже сегодня! This is a real reality show, designed to help novice filmmakers learn how to create their own full-length movies. The whole process of filming is under the strict control of old friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, as well as other invited professionals in the project of the film industry. Every Matt Damon Movie, Ranked Great Random Matt Damon Cameos Pics of a Young Matty D Fun Facts Every Fan Should Know.School Ties Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brendan Fraser School Ties is a 1992 sports film directed by Robert Mandel starring Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Ben Oscars 2017 May Bring Ben Affleck, Matt Damon Together in Creative Way. "Theyre really excited and supportive of me doing it, so Im sure Ill enlistHes been particularly difficult lately because he has a big movie coming out on Friday Jason Bourne," the 48-year- old talk show host told his audience. Ben Affleck is apparently tipped to direct this big-screen reenactment of the Battle of Bunker Hill, with Matt Damon on the cast.The question now is when Ben Affleck will find the time to direct this movie.Eina Azman buys RM40,000 Rolex watches for two-year-old twins birthday. Fifteen years ago, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, old friends as you may have heard, co-wrote and co-starred in "Good Will Hunting," a dramaOnce he had done that movie and it was received really well, he still wasnt getting acting jobs. So he rewrote The Town and was like, Well, Ill direct it and be in it! This article is 1 year old. Ben Affleck, Emily Blunt and Matt Damon perform Good Will Hunting.As a kid from Boston, I think we all get tattoos of the poster of this movie on your back, he said, calling it unbelievably well-written. At 8 years old, Ben met Matt Damon, who was 10, and lived in the same neighborhood.Ricky cracked, He (Matt) is also the only person who[m] Ben Affleck hasnt been unfaithful to.Its a lot of ups and downs, but overall, the movie has amazing performances. I just got so lucky with the cast. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been really close friends for a very long time.The 45-year-old actor also said that the only issue with 43-year-old Affleck is that he gives himself the best role whenever he decides to direct a movie. Ben talks about what it was like growing up as a child actor and reveals the movie role that both he and Matt Damon auditioned for. Jimmy Kimmel Talks to In an earlier statement, the 47-year-old actor claimed he was not aware of the movie moguls alleged mistreatmentMatt Damon says that while working with Harvey Weinstein on several films, he found thePaltrow dated Damons best friend, Ben Affleck, after the alleged incident occurred and also Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Like brothers from different mothers, the two are as inseparable as twins. They started in the movies in their early 20s, almost at the same timeBen Affleck was only 25 years old when he and Matt Damon (27 at the time) won Best Screenplay for Good Will Hunting. Matt Damon with Ben Affleck at the premiere of Live by Night in Hollywood January 9. By Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.Yeah, there were tears, Damon told Vanity Fair Monday, at the Hollywood premiere of Ben Afflecks new prohibition-era gangster movie, Live by Night. Movie Matt Damon Hans Zimmer Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justiceabout 4 years agoby EliBy johnjrambo40796. Were all aware of the Internets reaction to Ben Affleck being cast as Batman.And, you know, hes a bit older these days and thats what we need, and hes got a good chin. In 1997, Damon and the elder Afflecks film Good Will Hunting — which also starred Caseyfor four seasons a show that followed first-time directors making a feature-length movie.RELATED VIDEO: Ben Affleck shares Matt Damon throwback photo for National Best Friends Day. After divorcing his parents when he was nine years old. Affleck and his older brother, Ben, started to live with their mother.kids, casey affleck movies casey affleck imdb, casey affleck net worth, jennifer garner, luciana barroso, matt damon 2017, matt damon age, matt damon and ben affleck "I am a little older than Ben. I never saw Robin as older than Batman. Somebody sent me a picture actually (of his face photoshopped onThe 15 Best Movies to Earn an NC-17 Rating. Entertainment. Ben Affleck Is Batman. Now Get Over It. Matt Damon Wishes Hed Repaid Robin Williams. Ben Affleck On Matt Damon and Winning His First Oscar - The Graham Norton Show.Discusses Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon, his brother Casey Affleck, his GQ Magazine cover, and his new movie Armageddon. Longtime friends and co-stars Ben and Matt won Best Screenplay Oscar statues for Good Will Hunting in 1997. The acclaimed drama was also a triumph for its star Casey Affleck, who won the prize for Best Actor.His wifie: Damon and Luciana Barroso attend the 89th Annual Academy Awards. With a full cast or even a finalized script yet to be announced for Afflecks stand-alone Batman movie, Damons willingness to join forces with his old friendFor fans of the superhero genre, as well as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, the idea of the two reuniting on screen in something uniquely their own is a Matt Damon and Ben Affleck at the 1998 Oscars.I did five or six movies with Harvey. I never saw this. I think a lot of actors have come out and said, everybodys saying we all knew. After some considerable public cajoling, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have now joined the latter group.We know this stuff goes on in the world, he said. I did five or six movies with Harvey. Though Matt Damon doesnt think hell ever suit up as the Robin to Ben Afflecks Batman in the newly-rebooted heros upcoming DC standalone flicks, that doesnt mean he wont ever consider joining his best buddy in the superhero realm. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck arrived in Hollywood together as a pair of mostly unknown actors. Today theyre both international superstars, but Good Will Hunting, the movie that put them on the map, is still one of their most popular films. Ben talks about what it was like growing up as a child actor and reveals the movie role that both he and Matt Damon auditioned for.Batfleck: Ben Affleck As Batman - Conversations With Myself About Movies.Six Year Old With One Arm Is An Incredible Golfer.

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