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And here we go, local account creation window. Local Microsoft account creation. Pretty stupid move for Microsoft I thinkThis has been one of the few points of contention I have with MS. I find the login methods provided as you describe, along with how new accounts are created during a new I do not appreciate Microsoft forcing me to login to my computer using a Microsoft Account after I upgraded my system from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1. I was not able to search for a method of logging in. The full article from Microsoft Corporation - Microsoft accounts - Microsoft Windows.To create a new user account - Create a user account - Windows Help. Add or remove an account to/from your Microsoft account Connect this PC to your Microsoft account. At first, I thought this was a brilliant move to increase the number of Microsoft cloud users. However, I then saw this message in the Windows 8.1 FAQ under the system requirements The Difference between Local and Microsoft Accounts in Windows. Which Windows Account Type Is Right For You? Share. Pin.Choose a local account if you want to keep things like they were on previous versions of Windows. Youll be able to login, change your settings, install software, and A glitch in the latest round of patches for Windows 8.1 is causing users to be unable to log on their PC with their Microsoft account with an ETA yet to be provided in terms of a solution.Login Sign up. News.

What is the difference between a Microsoft account and a Local user account, in Windows 8.1? What you get and what you lose for each type of account ?A local account is the same as any account youve ever used to log into a Windows operating system. - To disable the Windows 10/8.1 Microsoft account login and enable the Local account login7. After restart, type you password to login with the new local account. Step 2. Remove the Microsoft Account from Windows 10/8.1. My system -> Windows 8.1 , HP Laptop. So I want to download some apps from Windows 8 App store but I found out that I have to sign into a Microsoft account to do it.But when I restart my computer and login again I find out that I have to login with the Microsoft account and not with the local/offline MS introduced a new way Microsoft account to log in to Windows 8.1/8 so that we can easily synchronize some PCs settings between your PCs and log on to Microsoft applications, services, Windows store. But what if you forgot Microsoft account password in Windows 8.1/8? In Windows 8.1 you can login with Microsoft Account ( previously Windows Live ID).

When you setup a new Windows 8.1, by default you are asked for entering an existing Microsoft Account for logon. No Microsoft online account? No problem. But Windows 8.1 makes it seem like its required. Windows 8 and Microsoft Account - cant log in to either Answer: I bought Windows 8, which pushes you to tie the login to a Microsoft Account.Answer: Using a Microsoft account to log in to Windows 8.1 offers some advantages over using local accounts. This tutorial shows you how to remove the logon password requirement when using a Microsoft Account in Windows 8.1. Learn even more with our Windows 8 book Microsoft makes it difficult — but not impossible — to run Windows 8.1 without a Microsoft account.Upgrading to Win8.1 without an MS account. This article is part of our premium content. Join Now. Already a paid subscriber? Click here to login. Getting rid of your Microsoft Account is a three-step process. Firstly, you need to create a local account to log into Windows, then you can remove the Microsoft Account login from your computer, and finally you can go ahead and delete the account itself off Microsofts servers. Here this article is showing you the ways to remove a Microsoft or Local account from Windows 8/8.1 PC. Tips: You are not allowed to remove a user account when you are logging in with it, so, sign out of the user account that you want to remove, and login into Windows with another administrator When you install or upgrade to Windows 8.1, youll be forced to create a Microsoft account or use an existing Windows Live account to log on your computer.How to Setup Windows 8.1 without Microsoft Account? But this is not the same with Windows 8.1. If you have installed a fresh copy of Windows 8.1, or upgraded from Windows 8, you will be asked to login to your Microsoft Live account during installation. Installing Windows 8.1 Without Microsoft Account. Unlike, Windows 8 setup, Windows 8.1 setup doesnt show an option to create and sign-in with a local account during the installation. Using a Microsoft account to log in to Windows 8.1 offers some advantages over using local accounts.If you used a Microsoft account to set up your Windows 8.1 PC and would like to use a local account instead, you can switch. Dont like to login using a Microsoft Live account ? Here is a simple guide everyone can follow if you want to get rid of it and how to avoid it next time.Tech-Tips. Logon without Microsoft live account Windows 8.1. There are lots of hints around the web that this months KB 4038792, the 2017-09 Monthly Rollup for Windows 8.1 and Server 2012 R2, is leaving Win 8.1 [See the full post at: This months Windows 8.1 patch apparently disables Microsoft Account login]. Microsoft recently released a new September cumulative updates for Windows 8.1, only to break the operating system. After installing the latest cumulative update, users cannot login to their Microsoft Account on Windows 8.1. Since the Windows 8.1 update, I have been asked many times how to change a Microsoft live account into a local account without losing data. Here is how you do it. I have an RT tablet and updated it to Windows 8.1. The update basically performs the new PC setup. I cant get past the "Sign into your Microsoft Account".Apparently you can choose your language or region in windows store preferences, but once again you need to login to MS account to do so During the initial setup of Windows 8.1 you are prompted to login using your Microsoft account.Using Windows 8.1 with a Microsoft account does have its advantages as the system is deeply integrated with. 1. Disconnect your Internet connection before installing Windows 8.1 (or after the first part of installation has finished).You can just click create an account now in the bottom you see login without Microsoft account, then it moves the page to local account creation. I just got a new laptop and it is my first experience with Windows 8.1. During the initial setup, it asked for my Microsoft account info (Hotmail/OneDrive). Since I dont mind synching with that, I gave it. However, I now find that it requires me to use that login/password to access my computer. Redmond has an offer that will be increasingly difficult to refuse. The Microsoft account (Windows-Live-ID) at Windows 8 and 8.1. A Microsoft account is anMicrosoft Windows 8.1 account picture change?Windows 8.1 switch to local login? When reset your Microsoft account password successfully, go to the Windows 8.1 logon screen, log in with the new password.3. program will run again. Step 5: When Windows 8.1 login screen appears, log into with the password Spower123456789just reset. Microsoft Windows 8.1 is a refreshed and upgraded version of the Windows 8 that replaced the old look of the Windows 7 and below versions.The new Windows 8.1 requires you to choose between the Local Account and the Microsoft Account Login. Caveat, I had a local Windows 8.0 account and when I did the online 8.1 update, it made me setup a MS account to login for the first timeBut can you also share how-to tips on downloading apps from Windows Store, without logging in to Microsoft account. See Also: How to Log On to Windows 8 Automatically with a Microsoft Account. How Account Aliases Work in Windows 8 or 8.1.Head here to login to your Microsoft Account on the Web. After Windows 8, Microsoft added a new type of account to its new operating system Microsoft account, which is formerly known as Windows Live ID.1. Log in with your Windows 8.1 local account. Microsoft account can be used to log onto Windows 8/8.1 and the latest Windows 10.You can switch to the local user account login, but you must want to regain access to the Microsoft account if some important data/files are stored in this account. You can create a user account with a Microsoft Account login or you can create a Local Account by following this tutorial. The Windows OS lets multiple users share the same computer under their accounts. How to logon automatically in Windows 8.1 using a Microsoft Account. Windows 8 shipped with a new feature - the ability to use a Microsoft account to sign in to a PC with Internet access. "How to remove Microsoft account in Windows 8.1 computer?"You can also use a Microsoft account to sign in to any PC running Windows 8.1 and 8, access files and photos anywhere, sync settings, and more in Windows 8.1 and 8. Forgot Microsoft account password for Windows 8/8.1/10 logon?Is Microsoft account the login user for your Windows 8 computer? If it is, reset Microsoft account password Windows 8 will be necessary and important. Likewise in Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and future versions of Windows OS, users is prominently asked to sign into their Microsoft account to easily access to online email, photosEnter your desired user name, password and password hint for the local account to be used to login to Windows OS. A tutorial covering how to automatically login Windows 8.1 or Windows 8. Having an auto logon means that your computer boots straight into your user account without entering a password.Note: If youre using a Microsoft Account the Username will be your email address. After that it should let you login in via a local account. And for Xbox Music or Windows Store, there is a option that lets you keep the two accounts separate. The point is, the user should not be forced to create a Microsoft account to login to their own computer. Instead, you will be forced to use Windows Live account and its corresponding password to log in your computer.The reason why Microsoft enforce this is in an effort to make Windows 8.1 more cloud dependent, to provide a more homogeneous user experience across all Windows devices. Windows 8 Login Without Microsoft Account. Last Updated: 29.08.2017.14 de mar de 2014 - Using a Microsoft account to log in to Windows 8.1 offers some your Microsoft account How to delete your Windows 8 personal settings from the for the Modern interface. The workaround for this has always been to ensure that a Windows account exists on the client and server with the same name and password, but if you are now required to use a Microsoft Account (formerly known as a Live Account) as your Windows login on your desktop I dont see how you Its not uncommon to set up Windows 10 only to find youre required to log in with a Microsoft account. Ill show you how to restore a local account sign-in.Some users swear by the Microsoft account login, because they like the free stuff in the store. Looking for windows 8 microsoft account login?Mar 14, 2014 - Using a Microsoft account to log in to Windows 8.1 offers some Microsoft account How to delete your Windows 8 personal settings.

When you first install Windows 8.1, you need to link it to an e-mail address and implicitly created a Microsoft account. By default your password, will be the one used for your Microsoft account. How to change it? Press Windows X > Control Panel.

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